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Administration Team


Ms. Tricia (she/her) has been involved with St. Mark’s Montessori school since 2015. Prior to becoming our Director of Curriculum and Compliance, Ms. Tricia served many roles at the school including substitute teacher, board member, chair of the school board, Assistant Director, and Director.


Ms. Tricia grew up in North Dakota and attended the University of North Dakota, where she earned her Bachelor’s Degree in Anthropology. She later earned her post- graduate degree in Secondary Education from the University of Hawai’i, where her teaching career began. Because of a teacher shortage on the islands, Ms. Tricia was able to work in grades K-12. Her enthusiasm for Montessori began in Germany. Ms. Tricia extended her path in education by working on grants and policy, as a member of the school board of a public Montessori school in Columbia, SC.

 Ms. Tricia is an active member of St. Mark’s Episcopal church, and several community programs. Ms. Tricia loves to spend time with her family and friends. She also loves to travel, read, try new foods, and avoid cooking.

Ms. Tricia
Director of Curriculum & Compliance


Ms. Jordyn (she/they) began her journey with SMMS in 2017 as a parent and continues that role with her youngest child still attending the school. Before becoming our Director of Admissions and Communications, she served as the school’s Assistant Director and Parent Representative to the SMMS School Board.

Ms. Jordyn holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Public Relations, a Master of Business Administration degree, and a Juris Doctorate from the University of New Mexico School of Law. Prior to motherhood, she worked as a litigation attorney and a qualifying real estate broker, licenses for which she still holds today. She also attended the Ayurvedic Institute and is a certified yoga teacher and practitioner of various yogic practices.  

Ms. Jordyn is a native of Albuquerque and graduate of La Cueva High School. When she is not working, her hands are joyfully full as a widowed single mom of a 7-year-old daughter and 3-year-old son. In addition to caring for her family and attending to her yoga practice, Ms. Jordyn enjoys long walks with her dog and 2 cats (yes, the cats go on walks!).

Ms. Jordyn
Director of Admissions & Communications

Administrative Staff


Ms. Rainna

Administrative Assistant &

Assistant Montessori Guide

Primary and Toddler Classrooms

Ms. Rainna (she/her) joined our staff family in January of 2022 as an Assistant Montessori Guide in our Primary Program. This 2022-23 school year she will serve as our Administrate Assistant and Floater Assistant Guide and will also lead our Art Enrichment. Ms. Rainna brings with her several years of experience in schools, including knowledge and experience in Montessori settings. As a natural leader, Ms. Rainna quickly became an Interim Lead Guide in one of our Primary classrooms in the Spring of 2022 and also served as a Lead Teacher in our 2022 Summer Program.


Ms. Rainna earned a Bachelor of Sciences in Early Childhood Education and Development from the University of New Mexico. She naturally emanates the Montessori principles of grace and courtesy and her patience with and compassion for her students are obvious. She is skilled and fond of both the Toddler and Primary age kiddos and a familiar face to many having served in several different capacities at the school.


Ms. Keelin
Administrative Assistant

Ms. Keelin (she/her) joins our staff family this year as an Administrative Assistant. Her Montessori experience began when she attended a Montessori preschool while her family was living abroad in Germany. She has first-hand experience of how the Montessori classroom translates internationally and across communities having later attended Montessori schools in both South Carolina and at Escuela del Sol Montessori here in Albuquerque. 


Ms. Keelin is a recent graduate of the Early College Academy and is attending the University of New Mexico to explore her interests in the sciences, particularly biology. She is also a member of St. Mark's Episcopal Church and is a natural in the kitchen with both cooking and baking. When not attached to the school's label maker or laptop, she can often be found knitting and/or hanging with her cat and dog.

Primary Program


Ms. Laura

Lead Montessori Guide

Primary Classroom

Ms. Laura (she/her) is a keystone of our St. Mark’s Montessori School family. She has been a Montessori teacher for 14 years, both as a Lead Montessori Guide with St. Mark’s Montessori School since its inception in 2013 and as an Assistant Montessori Guide at St. Timothy’s Montessori School from 2008-2013. She was the Lead Guide in our Toddler Classroom for many years before moving to the position of Lead Primary Guide in 2019.

Ms. Laura has a special knack for creating a beautifully prepared Montessori classroom environment and is proudly providing an authentic Montessori experience to our Primary students. When you step into Ms. Laura’s classroom you will likely find a calm and peaceful energy. Her patience and caring nature with the children are remarkable and her students often report that she is quite “funny”.


Ms. Caitie

Assistant Lead Montessori Guide
Primary Classroom

Ms. Caitie (she/her) is joining our staff family this year as an Assistant Lead Montessori Guide in our Primary Program. Ms. Caitie brings with her many years of experience in schools, including Montessori knowledge and a desire to pursue certification in Primary Montessori education. 


Ms. Caitie earned a Bachelor's degree in Psychology from the University of New Mexico in 2015.  She is currently finishing her Child Development Associate credentialing and has taken various Master's level courses in the areas of early childhood development and learning. 

When not in the classroom, Ms. Caitie enjoys hiking with her husband, identifying insect and plant species and collecting animal bones.


Ms. Melanie

Assistant Montessori Guide
Primary Classroom

Ms. Melanie (she/her) is joining our Primary Program this year as an Assistant Montessori Guide after spending the 2021-22 school year as our school's substitute teacher. She brings not only a familiar face to the students and staff, but a long history of experience in a variety of childcare settings including as a nanny and with the St. Mark's church children's program. 

Ms. Melanie is a graduate of the Albuquerque Academy and earned a Bachelor of Arts degree from Pitzer College in International and Intercultural Studies, as well as Master of Business Administration from Strayer University.  She also brings with her the invaluable experience of motherhood as a proud mom of a teenaged daughter.

Toddler Program


Ms. Morgan

Lead Montessori Guide

Toddler Classroom

Ms. Morgan (she/they) returned to SMMS this summer as our Lead Toddler Prep and Enrichments Teacher in our 2022 Summer Program. This 2022-23 school year she will be our Lead Toddler Guide and Movement Enrichment Teacher while working to earn her Infant/Toddler Montessori Certification from the North American Montessori Center. 


Ms. Morgan began with our school in 2020 as an Assistant Montessori Guide in our Primary Program, followed by the Lead Toddler Guide in our 2021 Summer Program. Ms. Morgan has also lead a variety of our Enrichments including music, dance, art and foreign language.


Ms. Morgan holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in University Studies with focuses in special education and psychology from the University of New Mexico. Students of all age groups are drawn to Ms. Morgan’s natural ability to be present and engage in whatever creative place their little minds might be at any particular moment.


Ms. Madeline (she/her) will be an Assistant Montessori Guide in our Toddler Classroom. She has successfully held many different positions at SMMS. She began as an Assistant Guide and Aftercare Teacher in our Toddler Classroom in 2019 followed by our Administrative Assistant and Floater Teacher in 2021. She has also served as the Interim Lead Toddler Guide and Summer Program Lead Primary Guide in 2022.

Ms. Madeline is a native New Mexican who attended Montessori school from preschool through middle school, graduating from Albuquerque High School in 2018. In addition to her full-time position with our school, she is also a student at Central New Mexico Community College, pursuing study in her interests areas of cosmetology and early childhood education. She has the “special something” that the students of every age respond to and is skilled with both the Toddler and Primary students.

Ms. Madeline

Assistant Montessori Guide

Toddler Classroom


Mr. Cole
Assistant Teacher
& Aftercare Teacher

Toddler Classroom

Aftercare Program


Tr. Lily

Lead Aftercare Teacher

Primary and Toddler Classrooms

Teacher Lily (she/her) is joining our SMMS staff family this year as our Lead Aftercare Teacher. She is currently a student at the University of New Mexico working on a Bachelor of Arts degree in English and French. Teacher Lily grew up in New Mexico and attended Montessori school as a child, later graduating from La Cueva High School in 2019. More recently, she worked as an assistant teacher at a public Montessori charter school here in Albuquerque. Teacher Lily is fluent in conversational French and is a film buff. 


Tr. Meghan

Aftercare Teacher

Primary Classroom

Teacher Meghan (she/her) joined our St. Mark’s Montessori family in 2021 as an Aftercare Teacher in our Primary Classroom and continues in that role for the 2022-23 school year. She is a native of New Mexico and graduated from Amy Biehl High School in 2014. Teacher Meghan spent recent years living in Maine and studying Marine Biology after living in Denmark prior to that.


Ms. Lucinda

Aftercare Teacher

Toddler Classroom

Ms. Lucinda (she/her) joined our staff family in 2021 as an Aftercare Teacher in our Toddler Classroom, a role that she will continue in the 2022-23 school year. She served as an Assistant Teacher in our 2022 Summer Program and is a familiar face, of which our returning Toddlers are quite fond. When not working with our Toddlers at SMMS, she is working toward her Bachelor's degree in Psychology at the University of New Mexico.


Tr. Kelly
Aftercare Teacher

Primary Classroom

Teacher Kelly (she/her) is joining our St. Mark’s Montessori School teaching family this year as a Primary Aftercare Teacher. She is a native of New Mexico and theater enthusiast who is currently attending Central New Mexico Community College to study both Theater and English. 

Chapel Leaders

Sylvia Miller-Mutia (she/her) serves as part time assisting priest at St. Mark’s  with a focus on outreach, evangelism, and family ministry.  She has previously served as Rector of St. Thomas of Canterbury Episcopal Church in Albuquerque, NM (2015-2018), Assistant Rector at St. Gregory of Nyssa Episcopal Church in San Francisco, CA (2010-2015) and Pastoral Associate for Youth & Families at St. Stephen’s Episcopal Church, Belvedere, CA (2002-2009).    She is married to Donnel (grief counselor, couples coach, artist, best dad ever), and they have three awesome kids: Lucia, Johanna, and Alex.

Sylvia holds a BFA in Ballet Performance from the University of Utah, an MA in Liturgy and the Arts from Pacific School of Religion, and Certificates of Anglican Studies and Theological Studies from Church Divinity School of the Pacific in Berkeley, CA.   As a priest, dancer, and mother of three, she is passionate about inviting people of all ages to join in seeking the divine through worship, prayer, and practice that is embodied, sacramental, participatory, and inter-generational. Creation, creativity, and connection with family and friends are the gifts by which God nourishes, stretches and sustains her.  You can learn more about Sylvia and explore various resources she’s created to support your spiritual growth at

Mother Sylvia 
Associate Rector

St. Mark's Episcopal Church 

David (he/him) grew up in Hannibal, Missouri. He attended the University of Kansas and lived in Kansas City, New York City, and Santa Fe before settling in Albuquerque. He has worked as an architect, interior designer, writer, waiter, bartender, male nanny (“manny”), and a church musician.

David was ordained as a Vocational Deacon in June of 2017 and is happy to serve at St. Mark’s – a parish filled with diverse and wonderful people. As a married gay man, David knows how organized religion has made many people feel unwelcome at church or unworthy of God’s love. It is David’s mission to spread the true message of the Gospel: – that God’s mercy and love are available to everyone – regardless of how they identify, where they have been, or what they have done. David finds it especially important to impart these principles to youth. Through his position as our Director of Christian Education, David works to make sure every young person knows they are a blessed child of God and loved for exactly who they are.

Having needed help through difficult times, David knows what being a part of a loving, supportive, spiritual community has done for him. He wants everyone to understand they can have the same experience.

Deacon David

 St. Mark's Episcopal Church 

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