Toddler Class

(18-36 months)


Our beautiful classroom is designed and built as a perfect environment for a first-time learning experience. Many social, emotional and physical developments are made during this time frame in a child's life, including potty training. The teachers and parents work hand-in-hand guiding the child to learn to share, wait her or his turn, gain independence and discover the joy of learning. The wonderful materials in this classroom  continually follow the development of each child and their natural desire to learn. 

Primary Class

(3-6 years)


The bright and open classrooms are a warm welcome to children ages 3 to Kindergarten.  The beautiful materials and daily lessons create a curiosity for learning and exploring. Our focus as teachers is to follow the lead of the child and allow all the possiblities to blossom. Using mentorship, a key ingredient in a Montessori classroom to create a learning circle and build a bond to form a "school family."  




Art, Spanish, Movement and Music

Our school offers additional Enrichment classes in Art, Spanish, Movement and Music that supplement our daily curriculum.  Each afternoon the children attend these classes with opportunities to study famous artists, famous composers, learn group childhood games and explore the talents of others in our community. 



The rector of St. Mark's Episcopal Church visits with the children weekly, providing lessons, stories and songs. All religious beliefs and backgrounds of the children and their families are respected. It is incredibly important that children learn about their natural spirituality. Visits with our rector allow the children to follow their natural empathy to care for others and care for this planet.